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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Snow

Last night was a wonderful, magical evening. The sun had left us, the night was calm and still. I was enjoying time decorating our home for Christmas. As I stepped out onto the porch my first thought was, "You silly, you really should have worn a coat". After putting on the appropriate attire for standing in the chilly night air, the garland and lights were beginning to take form as I hummed Christmas tunes. This is where the wonderful magical part comes started to snow. Not just any snow either, but our first snow of the winter.

That first snow that means Fall is over. The snow that is waited for with anticipation by children (and some of us adults). The snow that tells us in the very near future there will be snowmen in yards, ice skating on frozen ponds and sledding down hills.

Snow brings with it a beauty like no other. A new-fallen snow covering all the ugliness in the world. A reminder to let go of the bad ugliness in our lives and let a new beauty in. Much change takes place outside during the snow covered winter, is it not possible for change to also take place inside ourselves?

Yes, the first snow of the winter is a wonderful, magical time filled with beauty and endless possibilities.

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