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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Help for better health

Take a good look at the symptoms above, do any of these sound familiar?  When our gut isn't healthy it effects many different areas in our body.  Were you aware 80% of your immune system stems from your gut?  Here is an easy little test to help you determine just where your gut health stands:

When you awake in the morning, before you put anything into your mouth, work up some saliva and spit it into a clear glass of bottled room temperature water. At the 15 minute mark (and up to an hour), look in the glass.   If there are strings coming down from your saliva, if the water turned cloudy, if your saliva is falling apart or sank to the bottom, YOU MAY HAVE A CANDIDA CONCERN! Healthy saliva will simply float on the top! (You may want to put out a glass of water in the bathroom or on the nightstand the night before you wish to do the home Candida Saliva test, just to remind yourself not to brush your teeth or kiss your Honey prior to spitting into the glass.)

I have come across Plexus Worldwide and have been very happy with the results of these natural based supplements.  I take daily what is known at the Fab Four: Slim, Probio5, Biocleanse and XFactor.  Together, these four natural supplements have changed the course of my health.  I have natural energy during the day (not caffeine induced), I go to bed and fall asleep quickly....and stay asleep all night, I no longer am searching out my next sugar fix and most importantly to me is being 'regular' after 30 years of terrible bowel problems.

Check out my Facebook Plexus page for information and to ask any questions
Getting Healthy With Plexus

Please don't think this blog post is just a commercial for my business, because it isn't.  I truly believe in these products and the natural way they help the body become so much more healthy. a side benefit, many people find they are losing weight and inches as their bodies become more healthy.  Sounds like a win/win to me!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Not a Suzie

Suzie Homemaker, yep that's me!  Oh wait, I'm awake-not dreaming.  In my dreams I am Suzie Homemaker, complete with shiny clean home, meals cooked to perfection, perfect hair, nails and make-up, always dressed in the nicest way, plenty of time for volunteer work and a husband who absolutely adores all I do.

Now onto reality.  You can easily find dust bunnies and fingerprinted windows, cooking is sporadic with the crazy schedules Papa Bear and I have, I give it a try with the hair and make-up but not always with success and I dress most of the time only with comfort and functionality in mind.  As for my husband, he does adore me and I am blessed that he puts up with me.

I would dearly love to be a Suzie Homemaker and I think Papa Bear would appreciate certain aspects of it too.  However, I just don't see it in the cards.  I'm thinking if I ever win the cabilliony dollars with the lottery, I will hire a live in cook/maid who will give the illusion I'm a Suzy...and that will be just fine with me. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Beauty

I love the beauty of a new fallen snow.  Trees shimmer in the sunrise, everything looks fresh and clean, there is a feeling of renewal and energy.  The local birds and critters know our front yard is an open 24/7 buffet.  There is always feed available along with suet blocks when it is cold and the sometimes even fresh fruit.  It makes me feel useful keeping the buffet open, knowing many of God's creatures depend on me to get through the long cold winter months.  When we are going to be gone, I have a neighbor who takes care of the feedings for me.  Papa Bear might think I am a bit obsessive about this (gentle grin).

I love winter and snow, it is my favorite season of the year. By the end of February, most people are ready for it to be over and for Spring to make its arrival...not me.  I work from home so I suppose that gives me an advantage over those who have to go out in the cold every day.  I get to sit in my comfy chair with a nice hot cup of tea and marvel at the wintery beauty outside my big front window.  From this vantage point I have the joy of watching children come and go from school, and when it's warm enough, see them playing on the playground.  I see the horses across the way getting frisky and running around.  Snow gently blows across the field, the plows  are busy on the roads and of course the birds and critters are feasting in the front yard.

About mid-March I will be ready for snow to leave and be replaced with the warm sunshine of Spring, but for just a few more weeks, I'm going to sip my hot tea and enjoy all the beauty of this wonderful time of year.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Healthy Beginnings

Today marks exactly two months until I officially turn old (yikes...50!).  For probably the last 20 years I have been on a get healthy yo-yo.  I work at it, then I don't, then I work at it, then I don't even get the picture.  A little background: I am 6' tall and except when I was with child, I have never weighed over 125 pounds.  When there is a good wind, if you listen closely you can actually hear my bones rattling around in my skin (grin).  We used to have a Black Lab that when he was a puppy would actually try to use my arms and ankles for chew toys!  Yep, I'm that skinny.  However, even with how skinny I am, each time I gain the tiniest bit of weight, it appears in my gut. Tall and skinny with a protruding belly, not all that attractive, I can guarantee you that.

Today I am going to commit to intentionally working on my health for two months.  I'll be tracking my food and water intake as well as my physical activity.  I don't think I will be changing my eating habits much except to try and eat three meals a day instead of skipping meals because I am busy. I also have started on Plexus Slim to work on getting my insides healthy too.  In the 'working on it times' of my healthy yo-yo, I have enjoyed various 30-Day Challenges.  These will be making appearance again.

*Planks (ugh) at the end of the month I should be able to hold a 5 minute plank!! 
*Shoulders (trying to build up the muscles and ward off that yucky bursitis) will have me doing upright rows, side lateral raises, shoulder presses and shoulder rotations.
*Guns, Buns and Abs (my favorite) at the end of the month I should be doing 250 squats, 40 push ups and 100 leg lifts.  I have used this challenge before but have to modify for my back. 

* Arms-push ups, dips, bicep curls and punches
*Glute and Legs (I'm already dreading this one)
*Burpees (groan) Start with just 1 singe burpee on day one and increase by 1 each day so at the end it will be 30 of those dreaded things.  Nope, I don't like burpees, I don't care how good they are for me, they are not my friend and I don't foresee me ever inviting them into my inner circle.

So dear friends, come along with me on my Healthier Me Journey.  Follow along or even join me!