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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bunny herd

Every so often I get the urge to move around my furniture. Being in a small house, there isn't a whole lot of room for moving, but sometimes just changing a few things scratches the rearranging itch for me. Yesterday I decided the couch was going to go on an angle instead of flat against the wall, no big deal, right?


Upon moving said couch, I was greeted by an angry herd of dust bunnies! Let me tell you, they were none too happy about being rounded up either, they fought me every inch of the way. I think they were even trying to bite my ankles.

Have you ever tried to round up a herd of dust bunnies? It's no easy task. They skitter around this way and that. Oh sure, they look all innocent and quiet, I assure you, they are most definitely not. Just when you think you have them right where you want them, they take off in all different directions.

I am proud to say, I finally won the battle with these little critters. They are safe and sound in their new home (Sshhhhh...they don't know it's a garbage can, I told them in was a high rise apartment). The couch is at an angle and my need to rearrange has been taken care of (for today).


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving pizza

Pizza from a bar was our Thanksgiving feast this year. I would normally hang my head in shame after saying that statement, what do you do though when you enter a town on a holiday that has nothing else open?

Papa Bear and I drove 13 hours to visit Ben in South Dakota over the long weekend, not knowing we would be in the middle of nowhere at least 7 of those hours. At one point, we had traveled so very long and not come across a town, I thought we were going to have to pull over on the side of the road or I was going to wet myself right there in the truck! Good news for the truck, we came to a gas station that was open. Before you laugh at me, if you have ever been at that critical point, you know the relief I felt and I didn't even care it wasn't exactly the cleanest restroom I had ever been in.

Upon arrival in Ben's town, we quickly realized the hotel and the bar were about all that was open. Since the hotel didn't serve any food, that left us with bar pizza. Oh well, we got the pizza, went to Ben's house and enjoyed time together.

It did this Mama's heart good to see her son. I'm still not completely sold on the idea of him being 13 hours away, but I'm not completely horrified by it anymore either. Our visit and time together was much too short, and Mama had tears when it was time for good-byes. Thank goodness for phones and texting. (Should I mention that I texted him just minutes after our leaving to let him know I missed him already??)

Why is it the offspring enjoy the cutting of the apron strings much more then the parents do?


Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday?

Admitedly, I am a wanna-be Black Friday shopper. I did actually sit in the frozen foods aisle last year after midnight for several hours in order to get a wonderful deal on a TV, but that is the extent of it for me.

I have a wonderful friend who is a Black Friday shopper from way back. She and her husband plan their stradegy, split up when they hit the stores, check out and get home before most of us are even up in the morning. I marvel at their talent.

I'm hoping to spend good quality time with them next year, learning from the Masters.

So Dear friends, do you do Black Friday?


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keep it to yourself


Yesterday I said it was the season to be's also the season for a rise in break-ins. Thanks to social media sites, our comings and goings are being made public for the whole world to see. This includes people who might have a bit of a dishonest side to them.

I know we are all excited to go over the river and through the woods to grandmas house, keep it to yourself until you are home. Once home, feel free to blow up Facebook and Twitter with the fun times. If you announce it before-hand, you are announcing to the world of your home being left unprotected. You are announcing to the world to please come break in and take everything that is important to us. By the way, since we are gone for a few days, feel free to sleep and shower, I'll leave food in the fridge for you.

If you can, it's also a good idea to put some lights on a timer making it look as if someone where home.

Take all the precautions you can while gone, it would sure ruin the trip to grandmas if you came home to a break-in.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hanging of the lights

Christmas in October? That's what seems to happen anymore, Christmas items come out in the store the same time as Halloween items. I'm a firm believer in each holiday getting to have their own time. Easter eggs should not be hid in July (eewww, can you imagine the smell of the ones not found?), Tom the Turkey should not be running around going gobble gobble gobble when the Ground Hog is trying to see it's shadow, and Fireworks should not be going boom boom boom while the Valentine heart is working it's magic (well, on second thought, maybe those two should go together).

After saying this, I almost hang my head in shame to tell you today, three days before Thanksgiving, we are putting the Christmas lights up. Does it make things better to say they won't be on until after Thanksgiving? Oh yeah, no decorations will be going up...there, that makes it better...right?

I love love love driving around to look at homes decorated for Christmas. I would love to have one of those beautiful homes. For now, I am content to be able to have lights on the house, for now. I have some very dear friends who are into the whole outside decorating, maybe if I rub elbows with them some of their creativity will rub off on me. That would be super cool.


Friday, November 18, 2011


I have several ponderings going on in my brain today, too many to pick just one thing to write about, so I thought I would give you a peak inside my head. Warning: May be harmful to your health

* I am pleased to announce the first lighting of the woodburner has taken place today. I must tell you though, it was no easy task getting that thing going. There is a wind blowing about 500 mph right down the chimney. Persistence paid off and it will soon be toasty warm in here.

* Is it wrong to say "Bless you" when the dog sneezes?

* I'm trying the new Downey Unstopables in my laundry today and the laundry room is smelling just wonderful!

* Is it possible to overdose on peppermint hot chocolate? If it is and you don't hear from me for awhile...send help please.

* If the wind blows hard enough to take the last leaves off the tree, why does it not then blow them out of my yard?

* How do birds keep from getting frostbite on their skinny little legs?

* Papa Bear is absolutely the best husband ever. He takes care of me, he supports me in my interests, he puts up with me. That man needs a halo.

* I'm having fun watching the ticker on this blog now, it's interesting to see how many people actually come here. I had no idea there were so many. Thank you to all who take the time to come to Bear Necessities and read my ramblings!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Butt wipes

I've been giving thought this morning as to what I'm thankful for. There are so very many things, making it difficult to pick just one. The health of my family. My dear close friends. Roof over my head, food in my belly, clothes on my back and a flush toilet. Yes, these are all things I'm thankful for.

As I sat here contemplating which one to write about, an event happened in my life bringing a new thankful thing right to the top of the list...butt wipes! For you readers who join me in having children pre-butt wipes, you know what a luxury these little bits of disposable goodness are.

Back in the day, when there would be a diaper blow out, in a cloth diaper of course, we would use washcloths to clean up the mess. Yep, no just wiping the dirty area then toss wipe, diaper and all in the trash. No sir, after wiping the dirty area, we then had to clean up what we cleaned up with...kind of a never ending cycle.

As I cleaned up a dirty area this morning, I realized how very thankful I am for butt wipes.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Faith like Job

I was thinking today about Job's wife and her reaction as Job went through his own personal hell.

Job was a wealthy man with several children. His love for the Lord was great. That old stinker satan told God he could break Job. God had lots of faith in Job and let that old stinker try. Job lost his children, his servants and his livestock. He had boils festering all over his body. Life in general was not a bed of roses for Job at this point.

Job still loved God.

Enter Job's wife. She did not have the same faith as her husband. She said to him, "Why don't you just curse God and die?"

Job still loved God.

How many times have we gone through rough stuff and wonder why God is letting this happen? Did you ever think maybe God is letting that old stinker satan try his best because God has so much faith in you?


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woodburner time

Sitting here in my comfortable chair, drinking a nice warm cup of tea and watching the last few beautiful yellow leaves falling from the tree out front. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and the temperature demands a light jacket. It's the time of year to put up the lawn furniture and get the Christmas lights hung before the cold sets in. Time to put the finishing touches on the outdoor projects. Time to clean out the garage so the car can go in it.

This is also time to get the woodburner ready for the long winter. We've had ours inspected and cleaned and the wood pile has been moved closer to the house (thanks to hiring the neighbor boy).

Not that I'm wanting the beautiful fall weather to end soon, but I'm ready to get that woodburner fired up. To hear the crackling of the wood, to feel the cozy warmth, to smell the wonderful wood smell outside. I'm looking forward to nights of the wind blowing the snow while I sit in my comfortable chair drinking a cup of warm tea while crocheting in the warmth of the fire. I'm looking forward to snuggling with Papa Bear and watching a movie.

Reality check

Oh drat, my mind completely forgot about the cleaning of the woodstove and going out into the cold to bring wood in. Why is it there must be work involved in order to enjoy this simple pleasure? Wait a minute, if there is work, then it no longer is simple...and no longer just a pleasure. I am definitely not liking this now!

Back to my own little world

Aaahhhh, this is much better. I'm back sitting in front of the woodburner in my comfortable chair drinking tea and crocheting. I really love my own little world.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Got nothin'

Those who know me well will understand what a milestone this is for me....I have nothing to say! I've searched my mind this morning trying to find something of substance to share with you, and I got nothin'. I didn't think this was even possible! So, Dear Reader, my empty head and I bid you a very happy Monday and may God bless you with happiness today.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Definate God Moment

Have you ever experianced a moment you just know is from God? I had one of those last night and was it ever awesome! I was driving out of town, in a hurry of course, and was stuck behind a pickup going below the speed limit. As I put my hand on the turn signal, I had a vision of running into a deer...I took my hand off the turn signal and right then a deer ran out in front of the pickup!

Boy, did I ever let out a big "Thank you" to God. I then had to call my friend Alicia and tell her about my God Moment 'cause it was way too awesome to keep to myself!

Monday, November 7, 2011

All Saints Day

Church yesterday morning was a very moving service. All Saints Day always is. The names of loved ones who have passed in the last year are read one at a time while someone comes forward and lights a pillar candle for them. Yesterday morning, 17 names were read. After this, the entire congregation is invited forward to light a tea light in memory of any loved one who has passed. Watching this service is moving enough, but to actually take part in it, well, let's just say I don't think there were any dry eyes in the whole place.

If you are ever able to witness this service, I urge you to do so.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Psalms 25:15-18

"I look to the Lord for help at all times, and He rescues me from danger. Turn to me, Lord, and be merciful to me, because I am lonely and weak. Relieve me of my worries and save me from all my troubles. Consider my distress and suffering and forgive all my sins."

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Baked Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween is over and you now have several pumpkins in your yard needing some attention. Before deciding to discard the lovely orange decorations, why not decide to eat them? Well, maybe not the whole thing, but who can resist those scrumptious seeds hiding inside? Mmmmmm. Just thinking about it brings back childhood memories of my mom making up this delicious snack for us (of course, us kids had to separate the seeds first from all the pumpkin guts).

Here is a recipe I have been enjoying for quite some time:

Baked pumpkin seeds

1 1/2 tablespoons margarine, melted
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon garlic salt
2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce
2 cups raw whole pumpkin seeds

1.Preheat oven to 275 degrees F (135 degrees C).
2.Combine the margarine, salt, garlic salt, Worcestershire sauce and pumpkin seeds. Mix thoroughly and place in shallow baking dish.
3.Bake for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

I have been using olive oil instead of the butter for a healthier snack, however, I must admit I like the butter flavor better.