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Monday, December 5, 2011

Decorating Time

I very much enjoy decorating up the house for Christmas. Getting out the tree, hanging the ornaments, setting items around, listening to Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate. It's a magical time of year.

I'll admit, I do miss having a real tree. I have wonderful memories of going to pick out just the right one with my boys. We would walk all around inspecting about every tree available. We would have to check the height, the width and the smell (don't even ask). Getting it into the house on the other-hand leaves me with a whole different set of memories. Imagine, if you will, myself (with no muscles) and two children. First was getting it off the roof of the car, then up the stairs and around the corner to get into the door, which just so happens to be smaller than the tree. Getting it set into the stand was something that should have been video taped...I'm sure we would have won the $10,000 prize on Funny Videos.

Since putting the wood burner in the living room several years ago, for safety reasons we made the decision to no longer have a real tree. Now that I think about it, since Papa Bear and I are empty-nesters, the whole Christmas Tree picking out probably wouldn't be as much fun, and I'm pretty certain I couldn't get him to do the 'smell test' with me.

This evening I will be doing the annual decorating. Christmas music will be playing, hot chocolate will be consumed, the tree will come out, and pine scented candle will be burned. It may not be the same as when the boys were small, it's still a most enjoyable magical time.


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