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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Touch it once

We all are busy and so any little tip to save time and steps is a good thing. I've been working lately on touching things once if possible.

When the mail comes, go through it right then and put in the appropriate places...bills paid or where they go until bill paying day, junk in the garbage, recycling in the container...

Grocery shopping: Instead of taking the time to carry bags in and drop them, put the items away right then.

Cleaning: Pick up an item and put it away, not move it out of the way. After your shower, why drop your towel on the floor only to have to pick it up and hang it, hang it right away. After a bowl of ice cream, don't just set the bowl on the counter letting the remaining ice cream to dry and get hard on it. Rinse it and put in the dishwasher.

Laundry: Who hasn't taken the clothes out of the dryer only to leave them sit in a basket. Fold or hang up right from the dryer. This not only gets the job done and out of the way, it saves time on ironing later.

The point is to take care of things right then, not lay them aside for another time. This causes pile up and clutter, which then takes even more time to take care of later.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday Menu

Monday: HM Cornchowder

Tuesday: Mini Egg rolls, steamed cabbage, HM applesauce

Wednesday: Venison steak, baked potato, HC greenbeans

Thursday: Brocolli/cheese stuffed chicken breast, asparagus, HC peaches

Friday: Leftovers

Last nights dream

I've never seen a purple cow

I hope I never see one.

I can tell you this right now

I'd rather see then be one!

This is what I woke up from dreaming....sigh, even in my sleep my mind is just not right.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great grocery day

Some days of grocery shopping are better then others, today was one of those days. I had to make some returns to Walmart which totaled $63. With sales flyers and calculator in hand, off I went to bargin it up.

Here are my savings:
2 gallons milk 1.22
12 pounds banana 3.45
4 bottles laundry soap 2.80
11 pounds grapes 8.41
4 bags celery 3.12
2 heads cauliflower 2.18

I purchased a few other items totaling $53.51. Total saved using flyers $21.18!
After the returns and purchases, I walked out of the store with $9.49 more then I had when I went in there.

What a great feeling it is to not only take care of my family, but to save money doing it too!

God Bless,
Mama Bear

Who Me?? Blogging?

After much prodding, I've given in and decided to do a 'real' blog, not just the one I've been doing on MySpace. I'm hoping to write a little bit about a lot of things. Homemaking, Boy Scouts, outdoor activites, Christianity, friends, family...the list can go on and on.

I do hope you will 'bear' with me as I learn my way around this new section of my life.

God Bless,
Mama Bear