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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Woodburner time

Sitting here in my comfortable chair, drinking a nice warm cup of tea and watching the last few beautiful yellow leaves falling from the tree out front. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing and the temperature demands a light jacket. It's the time of year to put up the lawn furniture and get the Christmas lights hung before the cold sets in. Time to put the finishing touches on the outdoor projects. Time to clean out the garage so the car can go in it.

This is also time to get the woodburner ready for the long winter. We've had ours inspected and cleaned and the wood pile has been moved closer to the house (thanks to hiring the neighbor boy).

Not that I'm wanting the beautiful fall weather to end soon, but I'm ready to get that woodburner fired up. To hear the crackling of the wood, to feel the cozy warmth, to smell the wonderful wood smell outside. I'm looking forward to nights of the wind blowing the snow while I sit in my comfortable chair drinking a cup of warm tea while crocheting in the warmth of the fire. I'm looking forward to snuggling with Papa Bear and watching a movie.

Reality check

Oh drat, my mind completely forgot about the cleaning of the woodstove and going out into the cold to bring wood in. Why is it there must be work involved in order to enjoy this simple pleasure? Wait a minute, if there is work, then it no longer is simple...and no longer just a pleasure. I am definitely not liking this now!

Back to my own little world

Aaahhhh, this is much better. I'm back sitting in front of the woodburner in my comfortable chair drinking tea and crocheting. I really love my own little world.

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