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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bunny herd

Every so often I get the urge to move around my furniture. Being in a small house, there isn't a whole lot of room for moving, but sometimes just changing a few things scratches the rearranging itch for me. Yesterday I decided the couch was going to go on an angle instead of flat against the wall, no big deal, right?


Upon moving said couch, I was greeted by an angry herd of dust bunnies! Let me tell you, they were none too happy about being rounded up either, they fought me every inch of the way. I think they were even trying to bite my ankles.

Have you ever tried to round up a herd of dust bunnies? It's no easy task. They skitter around this way and that. Oh sure, they look all innocent and quiet, I assure you, they are most definitely not. Just when you think you have them right where you want them, they take off in all different directions.

I am proud to say, I finally won the battle with these little critters. They are safe and sound in their new home (Sshhhhh...they don't know it's a garbage can, I told them in was a high rise apartment). The couch is at an angle and my need to rearrange has been taken care of (for today).


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