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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Keep it to yourself


Yesterday I said it was the season to be's also the season for a rise in break-ins. Thanks to social media sites, our comings and goings are being made public for the whole world to see. This includes people who might have a bit of a dishonest side to them.

I know we are all excited to go over the river and through the woods to grandmas house, keep it to yourself until you are home. Once home, feel free to blow up Facebook and Twitter with the fun times. If you announce it before-hand, you are announcing to the world of your home being left unprotected. You are announcing to the world to please come break in and take everything that is important to us. By the way, since we are gone for a few days, feel free to sleep and shower, I'll leave food in the fridge for you.

If you can, it's also a good idea to put some lights on a timer making it look as if someone where home.

Take all the precautions you can while gone, it would sure ruin the trip to grandmas if you came home to a break-in.

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