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Monday, November 21, 2011

Hanging of the lights

Christmas in October? That's what seems to happen anymore, Christmas items come out in the store the same time as Halloween items. I'm a firm believer in each holiday getting to have their own time. Easter eggs should not be hid in July (eewww, can you imagine the smell of the ones not found?), Tom the Turkey should not be running around going gobble gobble gobble when the Ground Hog is trying to see it's shadow, and Fireworks should not be going boom boom boom while the Valentine heart is working it's magic (well, on second thought, maybe those two should go together).

After saying this, I almost hang my head in shame to tell you today, three days before Thanksgiving, we are putting the Christmas lights up. Does it make things better to say they won't be on until after Thanksgiving? Oh yeah, no decorations will be going up...there, that makes it better...right?

I love love love driving around to look at homes decorated for Christmas. I would love to have one of those beautiful homes. For now, I am content to be able to have lights on the house, for now. I have some very dear friends who are into the whole outside decorating, maybe if I rub elbows with them some of their creativity will rub off on me. That would be super cool.


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