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Friday, November 18, 2011


I have several ponderings going on in my brain today, too many to pick just one thing to write about, so I thought I would give you a peak inside my head. Warning: May be harmful to your health

* I am pleased to announce the first lighting of the woodburner has taken place today. I must tell you though, it was no easy task getting that thing going. There is a wind blowing about 500 mph right down the chimney. Persistence paid off and it will soon be toasty warm in here.

* Is it wrong to say "Bless you" when the dog sneezes?

* I'm trying the new Downey Unstopables in my laundry today and the laundry room is smelling just wonderful!

* Is it possible to overdose on peppermint hot chocolate? If it is and you don't hear from me for awhile...send help please.

* If the wind blows hard enough to take the last leaves off the tree, why does it not then blow them out of my yard?

* How do birds keep from getting frostbite on their skinny little legs?

* Papa Bear is absolutely the best husband ever. He takes care of me, he supports me in my interests, he puts up with me. That man needs a halo.

* I'm having fun watching the ticker on this blog now, it's interesting to see how many people actually come here. I had no idea there were so many. Thank you to all who take the time to come to Bear Necessities and read my ramblings!


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