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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodness gracious, I haven't posted since Wednesday...what ever was I thinking? I do believe I will excuse it with being busy..yeah, that's it, I was busy.

For real though, I have been keeping myself busy with odds and ends stuff. I also received my fruit from the co-op which I needed to start on. The two bushels of apples will wait in the garage a bit as I have a list of items I want/need to accomplish in the home. *Sigh* Isn't a household list something that never goes away?

One day, my yard will be perfectly groomed. My home will be perfectly clean and organized. My cooking will rival that of any chef. My free time...well, I'll HAVE free time.

Oh, sorry about that, I was daydreaming again.

Here goes the menu for the week:

Homemade ham and bean soup
crescent rolls
home canned peaches

Grilled pork chops
seasoned rice
homemade applesauce

Wednesday and Thursday
Working on cleaning out the freezer, so will be cooking things long since forgotten out of it.

Buffet at the Cafe`

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