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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Apple of a Day

Apples, apples, everywhere are apples! At least, that's how it was in my kitchen yesterday...and I enjoyed every minute of it.

My dear friend, Alicia, came over yesterday for a lesson in canning. When we talked about getting together, I don't think she really had any idea what she was getting herself into. She was a trooper though. I showed her what to do and she put up 13 quarts of applesauce, filled the dehydrator, made three batches for leathers AND made her very first pie! I'm sure she slept well last night.

Providing for our own needs is becoming a lost art. It's wonderful to see someone get excited about it. Alicia has also re-newed my interest in it. I've been wanting to teach myself to can meat and soups the last couple of winters, I just haven't seemed to get it done. Now though, I have inspiration! Once I learn, then I will teach this to Alicia also. I guess with only having biological sons, I haven't had a daughter at my side to teach these skills to.

If canning/preserving is something you are interested in but don't have anyone to teach you, don't despair! I didn't either. I purchased Ball's Blue Book of Canning at Wal-Mart, watched yard sales for supplies, used the internet alot, and just learned my way through it.

So, dear reader, get out and get yourself some fresh fruit and veggies and preserve away!

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