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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All-American Muslim

Have you been watching this show on TLC? Wow! What an eye opener it has been for me.

The show follows five Muslim families in Dearborn MI. The families go from very conservative to not conservative at all. From women who wear the scarf to women who have tattoos and wear very revealing clothing.

This is not an action packed, drama among the cast type of show. It's normal every day life. It's been interesting learning different Muslim customs. For those who are more conservative, a person is not supposed to shake the hand of the opposite sex unless they are relatives. Instead, the person simply puts their hand over their heart. It is custom for the children to remain living at home until they are married, regardless of their age. When getting together with friends, the men and women usually split up.

This show could easily pluck out the five Muslim families and insert five Christian families ranging from very conservative to not conservative at all. Or five Jewish families, or five {insert your own religion} families.

The season finale was Sunday and I'm thinking it is not going to have a second season due to lack of interest. It's a shame too. There are so many misconceptions about Muslim people and this show gave us all an opportunity to learn about a people (and culture) that we might not otherwise know about.

If you have ON DEMAND with Comcast, you can still catch some of the episodes. If you haven't yet seen it, I highly recommend you check it out.

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