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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm back!

What a busy busy week I had last week...whew, now I think I may need to hibernate and sleep!

The highlight of my week was going to Rantoul, IL to preach at the chapel in Lincoln's Challenge Academy where brother bear goes to school. What a blessing that was for me! I was so nervous my hands were shaking...but it was fun and by the time I was done, I felt like I was right back here in my home church. The Director gifted me with a beautiful medallion from the school, and the Pastor asked me if I would be willing to give that very same sermon with each new that would be twice a year. He also asked if I would want to come down and give a sermon again sometime.

Brother Bear and I were then able to spend about 6 hours together! WooHoo!

Heehee, while in Rantoul I stayed at a little mom and pop motel. I'm partial to little motels over the big chain hotels, they just seem to have a charm about them. Going the motel route though, you never know just what you might happen to be setting yourself up for. Saturday night was definately not one of the nicer I didn't even take a shower as the soap and shampoo from the previous guest was still in the shower and there was hair on the shower floor! I did take in my Lysol disinfecting wipes and wiped down absolutely everything, that room was cleaner when I left then it was when I went in! I checked the sheets and they were fresh, and thank goodness I took my own pillow. I couldn't watch tv while laying in bed to go to sleep because once I turned the light of, it turned off everything in the room! Brother Bear went back to the room with me while I changed after chapel and he forbid me to ever stay there again!! ROFL! He was so cute the way he got all protective about me.

On the way home from Rantoul, I added an additional 1.5 hours to my already 2.5 hour ride...I guess I really should start watching road signs because I missed my turn and didn't even notice it! To think, I'm out on the road when you may be out there too!!

Now I am going to take a nice hot shower and go to bed for a good nights sleep.

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