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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My kitchen is clean!

A good Proverbs 31 woman takes care of her family and home. I want to be a good Proverbs 31 woman! Sadly though, I am a mediocre wanna-be Proverbs 31 woman. *sigh*

I am often overwhelmed at all I need to accomplish around here. Of course, all that needs to be done is of my own making. I come home and drop items only to do a 'hurry and make the house presentable' sweep of the house, moving all the dropped items around. Yep, welcome to my world.

Today though I am having myself a little The Kitchen is Clean party in my mind. There are balloons, cake and punch. The best part of this party in my mind is no mess to clean up! My clean kitchen gets to stay clean!

I got up this morning and decided it was time to tackle this area of my home. Notes I had written to myself months ago were removed from the front of the fridge. Mason jars were taken off the counter and put away. I found the table!!! I even came across something I had lost a long time ago...the top of the fridge!

Papa Bear came home and said he must be in the wrong house. I told him I kind of liked having the kitchen clean and maybe we should try and keep it that way...this, of course, got me an eye-roll.

If you will excuse me, I'm going to go sit in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and enjoy the view.

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