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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tidy Tuesday

Can you guess from the picture what this weeks challenge is? That's right, this week we are going to hit the bathroom with gusto! I'm not talking about a little wipe down here, I'm talking about nooks and crannies.

Don't be overwhelmed, take it a little at a time. Break it down so that you do a little each day. Listed below are some areas that should be taken care of:

Declutter counter Get rid of of all the do-dads and what-nots that don't belong there and put them away, give them away or throw them away. After the counter is empty, give it a good cleaning..remember to get in the corners and the back splash.

Toilet Use a toilet bowl cleaner ( I like Lyson Cling Gel) and let sit while you are doing something else. After letting cleaner sit, use a cleaning brush or cleaning rag and wipe down entire toilet with cleaner. Remember to get the back of the bowl and the water line.

Medicine cabinet Throw out unused prescriptions and outdated over the counter medications. Wipe down all shelves. Return items in an organized manner. Clean mirror.

Drawers and cabinets Remove all items one drawer/cabinet at a time. Do the throw away/give away of any items that you don't use or haven't used in a while. Don't hold on to it thinking that you will get around to it at some point. Get little boxes or totes to keep like items in. Put all hair spray, gel, mousse, defrizzer..etc. it one box. All make up in one get the idea. Cords to hairdryer/straightener/curling iron can be folded back and forth and place a toilet paper roll over to keep in place. Run toothbrushes through dishwasher. Hair brushes and combs can go through dishwasher or soaked in sink with hot water and dishsoap.

Sink Remove all items. Refill soap dispenser if needed. Spray sink and faucet with tub and tile cleaner. Wipe well and rinse. Shine sink with window cleaner. Replace wiped down items ONLY if they need to be sitting out.

Bathtub Basically same as sink. Keep only items in tub/shower that you need/use. Do you NEED to have 3 kinds of soaps and 2 kinds of shampoos? How can you declutter this area? Wash or replace shower curtain. Wash or replace bathmat.

Rest of room Wash curtains. Dust all corners, even the high ones. Clean vent. Wash all walls. Sweep and mop floor. Pay special attention around the toilet area. Sometimes a good mopping on the hands and knees is best.

Now, stand back and look at your clean and organized bathroom. Be proud of the work you have done.

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