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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Real Friends

The Hubs got the internet going again today, so I am back and open for business again! WooHoo!

The time with limited internet has given me time to think about where my life is. Now, I will not put into writing for all the world to see all my thinkings, but I will share with you my thoughts on my friends...or lack there of.

Over the years I found that it became easier to have internet friends then in real life (irl) friends. With internet friends, if they got on my nerves, I just didn't make myself available to them for a few days until I was ready for them again. With irl friends, they are able to bring their drama into my everyday life.

I have made some wonderful 'net friends, ones that I would talk to almost everyday. Most of these friends were made on a Christian website that I am a part of. Over the last six months or so I have put that site on the back burner as I don't have the same amount of time to spend on it as I once had, and due to changes on the site, I don't find as much enjoyment as I once had. I have let my 'net friends dwindle down to three main ones. Of those three, two have gotten busy in their own lives and like myself, aren't spending as much time online. The one that I still speak with regularly only lives about 2.5 hours from here and we have actually gotten together a few times.

This brings me to my irl friends. I have only a few because of the above mentioned drama...I have neither the time or desire to bring someones elses into my life. The problem with having only a few irl friends, is that it leaves me a bit lonely at times. If I want to go for a nice evening walk and my few friends are busy, then I walk by myself.

So, do I put myself out there and go through the weeding process and find new friends? Or do I go on with life the way it is and learn to take evening walks by myself and be happy with it?

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  1. I say life is like a bowl of popcorn....the perfect ones stay on the top of the bowl and the kernels drop to the bottom to be thrown away before they can make their way into your life :) Offer it up, my friend.

    Hugs :)