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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blog block

I'm suffering from a bad case of blog block. It's not for lack of ideas in my head...there seems to always be something going on in there. It just doesn't seem like any of the gobbely-gook going on in there is worth putting into print.
Some random thoughts in my brain today:
*If this rain doesn't stop, my flowers are going to drown.
*Next time I spray paint, I need to wear shoes to keep my feet from being painted.
*I really probably should have washed my hair this morning.
*I wonder if anyone even reads my blog.
*My big brother is happily married and I'm so happy for him
*I hope my little brother is able to be content with life soon.
*When my parents are old, I'm going to be changing their diapers.
*Heehee...when I get old, my son will have to change mine!!! Paybacks!!!
Now you've gotten to have a glimps inside my brain, aren't you glad you stopped by here this morning??

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