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Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 days of fun

Well Dear Friends, let me tell you about my fun day yesterday..and the day before that.

The fun started on Tuesday morning when I got to drink this yummy cherry flavored drink. The fun was put on hold for just a little while, but then WHAM! The fun began!! A few hours later I got to drink another yummy cherry flavored drink and the fun just seemed to continue on and on and on.

Skip to Wednesday morning...and I was so hungry I thought my belly button was gonna start eating on my backbone! You see, on Tuesday while I was enjoying the fun of those cherry flavored drinks, I wasn't allowed to eat anything.

So, Papa Bear takes me to the hospital for both an upper and lower GI...oh yeah, I'm so excited! I've had the lower before, but this was a first time for the upper...and oh my goodness that stuff they gave me to gargle with is awful!!! But then the drugs kicked in and I was out.

There is a pain medication that makes me sick but I couldn't remember which one it was...yep, it's the one they gave me. I woke up getting sick..that was a joy. So then I got more meds to counter the pain meds. THEN I cramped so bad I thought my insides were trying to get on the outside! 2 hours later things are fine and Papa Bear is bringing me home. On the way I talked him into stopping to get me a chocolate shake...MmMmMMMmmmm it tasted so good!

At home I went back to bed, only to get up and get rid of that yummy chocolate shake..sigh.

Today though I am back to me again. A little tired and a touch of a tummy ache, but nothing I can't live with. Now all I have to do is wait for test results to come back. I'm thinking I don't want to have that fun again for awhile!

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