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Friday, July 15, 2011

No meetings?!

Is it true? Did I miss something? I checked and double checked my calender but don't seem to be able to find anything. I had an entire work week and not one single meeting! You heard me right...I was able to be home every night this week if I wanted. Well, Wednesday should have been Community Club, but it was cancelled. Thursday was a meeting that I could have gone to but it's no real biggy that I didn't. Thus, I was able to see my husband every night this week! What is doubly nice is that Little Bear (aka Ben) is home from Kansas for a visit and we have been able to spend some time together. *sigh* I am a happy little girl now.

The weekend is looking promising also. I have a Boy Scout fundraising cook-out Saturday for about four hours, and of course Church on Sunday...but the rest of it is all my time! I sure am hoping Papa Bear and I can get out for a ride on the bike before the heat comes in.

So, this is how life can be, I think I'm liking it!

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