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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

'Stuff' happens without me

Wow, came on this morning and realized it has been a week since I last posted! You all know how it goes though, life just seems to happen. It's all been good though. Not the usual can't seem to catch myself coming and going. I believe this is in great part to my new attitude. For years I have always had 'stuff' to do several evenings a week...Scouts, church, Rescue Unit, Community the throw-ins of getting my hair done, doing the shopping, children's ballgames...etc. I've decided that I just can't do it all AND be a good wife at the same time. I've actually been saying no! *gasp* Can you believe it?? Guess what I is still going on around me even though 'stuff' is happening and I'm not involved in it!!

I've been able to be here more at night when Papa Bear comes home. I've been doing more cooking for him also...oh yeah, Papa Bear is liking this!

I'm still struggling in my mind about 'stuff' I am missing, feeling I'm letting others down. Not that 'stuff' isn't getting done, I'm just used to having my fingers in it. I do have a friend though who is helping keep my on track. She's a busy-bee person also. It's good to have someone to talk to and keep accountable to when making life changes. Even better when that person understands first hand what you are trying to accomplish. Thank you Alicia!

I ask, dear friends, that you say a prayer for me to keep this up, for it not to fall to the side like so many of my well meaning attempts to declutter my life have done.

Now, time to get off of this computer that seems to suck me in and rob me of so much time that could be spent else where. See....I'm doing it!!

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