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Monday, July 6, 2009

Boy Scout camp 2009

I'm home from Boy Scout camp and it was a blast!! Have to do a quick little brag on the boys as they were the only Troop (out of about 200 people) to receive a perfect score on their daily inspection!!!

The weather turned out to be just about perfect. No humidity, no real heat and no rain until our camp was all packed up and we were heading to bed on Friday night.

Below are a few pictures from our week:

The boys made an oven out of a cardboard box using tin foil and wire hangers. Brownies were a wonderful treat for us during the week.

Home sweet home for me. The boys laughed at the way I add embelishments to my tent to make it more the table, throw rugs, flowers and fence. But...I had a nice comfortable (well, as comfortable as you can be with spiders crawling on you) week.

Welcome to our kitchen and our dining room. We are a 'jambo' troop, which means we cook all our own meals. We were the only jambo troop there this week. All the other troops go up top to the dining hall for their meals...Tsk...that's not real camping! Might as well have the maid come in too!

Here's my guys!! The man on the left is grandpa to two of the boys. He stayed part of the week and then their uncle came down for the remainder of the time. I'm so thankful that even though we are a very small troop right now, there is the support there so that the boys can continue to enjoy things like this camp.

This would be me going up the rope side of the 40' tall climbing tower! After climbing, I actually went down the other side of it on the zip line!! WOW!!! That was so much fun!


  1. And again I say wow! Good for you Debi, being so active. Looks like you had a great set up and I'm sure the guys appreciated you doing that for them. I'm sure it's memories and experiences that they'll remember and talk about for years to come! Thanks for sharing your story and photos! Kim

  2. Love the tent! lol. Thanks for sharing your pics Debi!