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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Beauty

I love the beauty of a new fallen snow.  Trees shimmer in the sunrise, everything looks fresh and clean, there is a feeling of renewal and energy.  The local birds and critters know our front yard is an open 24/7 buffet.  There is always feed available along with suet blocks when it is cold and the sometimes even fresh fruit.  It makes me feel useful keeping the buffet open, knowing many of God's creatures depend on me to get through the long cold winter months.  When we are going to be gone, I have a neighbor who takes care of the feedings for me.  Papa Bear might think I am a bit obsessive about this (gentle grin).

I love winter and snow, it is my favorite season of the year. By the end of February, most people are ready for it to be over and for Spring to make its arrival...not me.  I work from home so I suppose that gives me an advantage over those who have to go out in the cold every day.  I get to sit in my comfy chair with a nice hot cup of tea and marvel at the wintery beauty outside my big front window.  From this vantage point I have the joy of watching children come and go from school, and when it's warm enough, see them playing on the playground.  I see the horses across the way getting frisky and running around.  Snow gently blows across the field, the plows  are busy on the roads and of course the birds and critters are feasting in the front yard.

About mid-March I will be ready for snow to leave and be replaced with the warm sunshine of Spring, but for just a few more weeks, I'm going to sip my hot tea and enjoy all the beauty of this wonderful time of year.

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