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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fair Food!!

It has once again been one of the most magical times of the year..County Fair time!

It's hard to beat a small county fair. The building showcasing local talent with displays of garden goodies, photography, sewing...etc. Also the building with booth after booth of local business owners showing their wares, political parties wanting to impress you with their candidates, and the Sheriff's Department giving out free popcorn.

Then there is the actually fair with all its stimulation of the senses. The sights, the sounds, the smells, and my favorite...the tastes! Bureau County Fair food is something I look forward to all year long. Last year I was experiencing some health issues and was not able to take part in this annual ritual of feeding my face. It was a very sad time for me *sigh*

This year though I was able to enjoy! (insert Hallelujah Chorus)

Papa Bear and I made our way to the fair on Saturday evening to watch the Draft horse show (and to eat). My first stop was to my favorite vendor who has THE BEST cherry limeade and corn dogs. The rest of the evening consisted of watching the horses, eating, walking through the buildings, eating, walking around, eating, and then a little more eating.

Two large cherry limeades
1/2 large lemon shake-up
Corn dog
Chocolate peanut butter fudge
Fried zucchini (veggies..good for me, right?)
Fried Twinkie
Pixie Stick
Nacho w/cheese
Cotton Candy

Papa Bear and I decided we had enough Fair and walked to the car where Papa had the wonderful idea of running through Dairy Queen for a shake. Hey, he was driving, I was kind of forced into it. (grin)

The local volunteer ambulance services provide coverage at the fair, Sunday was our turn...I HAD to go again, darn the luck. It was raining when we got there and proceeded to rain the almost five hours were were there. Well gosh, what is a person to do when it is raining and nothing going on? Yep, eat. I took it easy this time though.
Cherry limeade (only one)
Corn dog
Fried green tomatoes, onion rings, mushrooms and cauliflower (more veggie goodness)
Part of a funnel cake
Iced coffee

When I got home I finished off the cotton candy from last night as I didn't want it to go to waste (at least that's what I told Papa Bear as he gave me a funny look). I still have a few pixie sticks left and a box of salt-water taffy. I'll hold these back for a rainy day when I need a little pick-me-up.

I am a happy girl.

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