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Monday, July 30, 2012

The end of 35 days

Goodness gracious, life has been one busy day after another...35 days in fact. Beside work, I just came off of having something going on every day for 35 days/nights in a row. *whew* I am one tired puppy.

Even as tiring as it has been, there is not one single thing I would have given up.
Boy Scout camp
Our town festival
Vacation to see Ben in South Dakota

It's been a crazy busy summer, unfortunately it has also meant my home has suffered 35 days of neglect. Good news: that is being rectified even as I type. Just a few more days and everything should be back in tip-top shape.

So dear friends, posting will once again be happening here at Bear Necessities, feel free to comment on posts, recommend topics or ask questions.

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