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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sunday coupon fun

I've gotten back into the whole coupon thing again. I go in spurts with it. Right now I'm really enjoying it. There are a group of us ladies that get together once a month after church to swap our coupons (q's). It's a great time of fellowship as well as helping one another with our q's and our tips for savings.

Sunday is an exciting time for me! I cut out my q's from the Sunday papers and also from my favorite online spots. I then sit with my pen and circle what I want from the sale ads (comps). The real joy for me comes when I can use both comps and q's at the same time! Oh what happiness I feel! I compile my shopping list in my notebook, writing out my comps by store, noting any q's to go with them. Then I list just the q's that I need to use up before they expire. I take all this with me to Wal-Mart as they honor competitors ads. It saves me the 30 mile drive to all the other stores.

Now the REAL fun begins. I do my shopping, making sure to keep my comps seperate from the rest of my shopping, this makes check out easier. I load all my comps at the check out first, giving the cashier the price I will be paying for that item. The cashiers appriciate when this process is well organized. Also, by being organized, it looks as if I know what I am doing and very seldom am I ever questioned. When everything is rung, I then hand my q's and watch the register to make sure they are rung correctly.

This whole process is so very enjoyable to me! What is even more enjoyable is putting these items in my pantry. I can stand back and look at all savings sitting on the shelves.

I am also careful not to waste any q's. I take my unwanted q's to the swap. What is not used there or has expired is sent to a woman who sends them over-seas for our military families to use.

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