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Friday, April 29, 2011

Bathroom Excitement

It's not every day I can say I am excited to be in my bathroom. Today though, there is a smile on my face at the very thought of it. I will be spending time to empty out the cabinets and drawers. Take the decorations off the walls. Remove the shower curtain. Papa Bear will then start the demolition! He is giving me a new bathroom! It took me weeks and weeks to pick out the tub, sink and toilet. Shower surround, wall material. Cabinet paint, wall covering, countertop and lighting. Dear Papa Bear endured many of my mind changes. Many "How hard would it be...". Many "Why can't I do that?".

We already know much of the floor needs to be replaced, making the remodel take a bit longer. My goal is to have a toilet installed before the daycare children come on Monday!

So dear friends, you now know what my fun weekend plans are.

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